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Help us build amazing games!

At Novarama we’re working on new stuff. And we want to select a few lucky players to play it first.

We work for YOU, the fans. So, getting your feedback as early as possible is extremely valuable. We want to understand what works and what doesn’t. What we should polish. What frustrates you. 

For us, YOUR opinion really matters. So, let your voice be heard!

So, do you want to help us define the future of PC Gaming? Then look no further!Here are the requirements

  • We are looking for PC players with Steam accounts. 
  • You must be based in Europe: Novarama works on multiplayer games, so we need to ensure everyone is close together for smooth play. We will open up this initiative to other regions soon.
  • You must be familiar with Discord: we use it to coordinate playtests and for in-game communications
  • Since our games are in development, we are seeking players with recent hardware
  • At this point, we are seeking players with deep understanding of First-Person Shooter games (BattleField, Call of Duty, CS:GO, PUBG, Hell Let Loose, Apex Legends, Valorant) and Survival Games (Don’t Starve, Valheim, Minecraft, Rust, Ark). We can’t reveal more :-)
  • We are seeking players who are fluent in English conversation, as the game is multiplayer and part of the session is a debate
  • To join this initiative, you must be of legal age, since you will be required to sign a Non-Disclosure-Agreement with us. Additionally, the game you are going to be playing will most likely be rated +18.

Playtests take place at different times of the week, but usually on Fridays, and last about 3 hours, playing the full game.

As a small reward for helping us, all playtesters will get a “goodies pack” when the game launches: a full copy, battle pass, and exclusive in-game items to show off to your friends: I was there when this game was born.

So, do you have what it takes? Then, jump in!!!

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