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Do you want to work with us? Please read the following guidelines, and use the links to the right to apply for an open position.

We do not accept submissions by mail, nor any kind of physical materials: tapes, DVDs, etc.

Submission Guidelines

For open positions at Novarama, please include a cover letter, your updated resume, and relevant samples of your work. Please submit all materials in English. Here are a few tips to help you get an interview with us:

Cover Letter

Your application should include a cover letter, which should state:

  • Who you are.
  • What position you are applying for.
  • Why you’d like to work with us.
  • How do we know you will fit in.
  • What makes you especially well suited for the position you are applying for.

We want to understand your desires, your personality and your suitability for the position. Highlight your skills, but let your resume to fill in the details. One page maximum. We appreciate good writing skills, so take your time with this.


Your resume should provide us all the detailed information about you. We need to know:

  • Basic data: name, age, where do you live, contact info.
  • Studies and education: School, University, degrees, post-grads, seminars, conferences.
  • Languages: be specific. Name degrees, schools, years, grades, etc.
  • Skills: software, programming packages, art packages, etc. Be thorough on specific versions, plug-ins, languages, years of experience in each package.
  • Relevant professional experience: years, company and position for every job you’ve had prior to applying. Make sure we understand where you’re working now, if you are.

Your resume should convey what your goals are, your experience and how you can help us fulfill the goals we’re looking for. Tailoring the resume for the specific position you’re applying for is highly recommended. The interviewing process will allow you to expand more about yourself, so keep your resume short, one to three pages ideally.

Submission Materials


We want to see samples of your work. As such, send links to web sites/demo reels. Never send the files themselves.

We want to see your best stuff only, do not send “everything you have”. This usually boils down to the best character and the best static mesh you can produce. What we need to see, for each of these “top” models, is:

  • Pictures of the model fully shaded with all texture maps on, as it would appear on a game engine. If very detailed, send several taken from different angles.
  • Picture of the model in wireframe, with the result of a Polygon Counter tool in the same shot, so we see the result and the polygons you used.
  • Picture of the texture maps, all of them (diffuse, normal, specular, relief, albedo…).

Add pictures of the concept if you believe they support your work.

For animators, we like to see short clips with animation loops, so we see characters move around. We prefer several short files with very good animation over one long clip with boring parts. Make sure you send varied samples, so we can see how well you adapt to different styles and techniques. Robots. Chickens. Samurai. You name it.


We strongly encourage providing sample code for candidates. The code should be written in C++ and must NOT be copyrighted material unless you own the copyright and acknowledge that we may look at it for the purposes of evaluating you as a prospective employee. Please include both the source and precompiled versions if relevant. Try to make the code sent relevant for the position you’re applying to: tool programmers should focus on level editors, tech programmers on graphics, etc. Never underestimate what an experienced game programmer can detect by just looking at a page of your code.


We encourage you to include sample design material relating to the position. For level designers, include sample levels with all elements: level design, monster placement, dialogs, etc. Include also a sample of your writing, such as a narrative scene. One or two pages at most.


We will not return any materials submitted with your resume.

Novarama never accepts game ideas or project proposals from individuals. Please DO NOT send us ideas you wish us to consider for future games. We will NOT review them, and we will delete them straight away. As a private company that generates its own intellectual property, we need to guarantee we are the legitimate authors of any game concept we pursue, and thus we are not interested in hearing ideas from anyone who is not a Novarama employee.

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I am very excited about what Novarama have planned and look forward to being able to share it with everybody.