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Genesis Update is Out Now!

Genesis replaces the whole first act of Killsquad, making the first hours of the game more fun and engaging. The Genesis Update introduces: 

Quest system, where you receive and fulfill specific missions to progress through the recruit act. Gone is the time when you didn’t know what to do next.

Less contracts, but each more carefully crafted, so each mission does feel unique and special. There’s no 2 contracts where you’re doing the same stuff.

New enemies & enemy progression. Each mission brings new foes for you to encounter, including 2 brand new semi-bosses.

New locations for you to visit, we’ll let you discover those.

New gameplay mechanics so you get more of the stuff you already loved.

New storyline with voice over.

New lobby chat.

With all this, the game should now feel very different, but this is only the first update of the year: Veteran 1 comes April and upgrades the first half of our veteran contracts. Visit the Vasperiath Nest. Meet Helldörren in his throne room. Watch the Plague spread through a planet. Meet the Federation in their crusade to control the galaxy. 

Veteran 2 comes June and is the second part of our veteran experience. As announced, this takes place in an all-new planet, Skua, the military base of the Federation. So it’s a brand new world, new enemies, etc.

Biosystems Laboratory
New Morgoth Nest

You can learn more about Genesis here.