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Sci-Fi ARPG Killsquad Smashes Launch Week Sales!

Novarama’s new action RPG becomes an indie hit with 65,000 players spanning all over the world

Barcelona, Spain — July 25th, 2019 — Independent developer Novarama, today celebrated the successful Steam Early Access launch of Killsquad, their hit sci-fi ARPG game and revealed that the franchise doubled their week one sales target by surpassing over 65,000 units sold. Only a day after releasing on Early Access, Killsquad topped Steam’s Best Selling Games list, a rare occurrence for a game still in development, which proves that Novarama is onto something special.

In the first week over 650 million contracts were completed by the Killsquad community, averaging 5000 concurrent players from 80+ countries. According to, it even became the second fastest growing new title on Twitch by total viewership. The unexpected popularity of the game in Asian markets, encouraged Novarama to localise it to Korean and Japanese, in addition to seven other languages Killsquad is already translated to.

“We are truly blown away by the highly positive reception Killsquad has received during the Early Access launch,” said Game Director Dani Sanchez-Crespo. “This motivates us to continue our hard work catering to the growing player base and acknowledging its feedback with continuous patches and updates. With such an involved community, the future of Killsquad is looking bright.” 

Already actively communicating with players via ever growing Killsquad Discord channel, the development team will soon begin a new initiative, Killsquad Live, where the game becomes a living experience structured around timed events and exclusive rewards. Bounty Hunters from around the Globe will be further engaged as they meet the developers via real-time streaming of Gatherings of Bounty Hunters, Q&A sessions from Novarama’s facilities to collectively discuss the game’s roadmap and share their ideas. With a community centric outlook, Novarama has already released new updates and are working on new features for the upcoming first major update UNSEEN, which will rollout at the end of August.

Killsquad Steam EA launch trailer

ARPG Killsquad Hit #1 Worldwide Best Selling Game on Steam!

Novarama just announced that the futuristic action RPG, Killsquad, today hit #1 on Steam’s Global Top Seller list, only a day after launching on Steam Early Access. While thousands of players are after epic bounty hunts, developers are already planning for the future, with plenty of additional content in the works to roll out in the coming months. 

“We are extremely excited and humbled by the reception Killsquad has gotten so far, which is beyond our wildest expectations,” said Game Director Dani Sanchez-Crespo. “We are so grateful to our community for supporting the Early Access of the game and taking part in the future expansion of the Killsquad universe. The player feedback is essential in shaping the Killsquad experience and will help us fulfill its potential as a smash hit action RPG.”

About Killsquad
Killsquad is a top-down co-op action RPG set within the futuristic world of bounty hunters known as ‘killsquads’, who take on contracts and raid planets for loot and glory. The game revolves around quick session-oriented missions featuring an in-depth loot and class system with procedurally generated levels ensuring an intense, action-based single and multiplayer experience. With a variety of different weapons and contracts to unlock and equipment to acquire, players have a seemingly endless selection of options to utilize in a deadly universe that’s always active.

Built on Unreal, Killsquad is an indie AAA game available on Steam Early Access with plans to launch on console for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2020.

The Intergalactic Bounty Hunt Begins as Futuristic Co-Op Action RPG Killsquad Launches on Steam Early Access

Team up with mercenaries for loot and galactic kudos in Novarama’s sci-fi space western available today

Barcelona, Spain — July 16th, 2019 — Independent developer Novarama today announced that the anticipated co-op action RPG, Killsquad,  is now available for PC on Steam Early Access for $19.99 / €19.99 / £16.99. Killsquad is a top-down co-op action RPG set within the futuristic world of bounty hunters known as ‘killsquads’, who take on contracts and raid planets for loot and glory. 

Killsquad made a huge splash at E3 2019, appearing at the eSports stage and receiving several award nominations such as “Most Engaging” by Unreal, “Best of E3” by COGConnected and “Best of E3” by RPGFan. 

Killsquad is a culmination of various ideas we wanted to see in a video game, but also one that delivered the necessary pace of a high octane action game with a combination of progression and customization that players would expect from an action RPG,” said Game Director Dani Sanchez-Crespo. “We’re looking forward to getting players’ feedback and expanding the Killsquad universe with the introduction of more content later this year. See you in The Outer Reach, bounty hunters!” 

Killsquad’s quick session-based gameplay means action is fast and intense as players overcome various obstacles in the course of their mission and quest for that big payday. Players can select one of four different heroes to play, each of which has their own distinct capabilities based on their class: Assassin, Warrior, Specialist or Support. These classes have plenty of skill and upgradeable gear options to completely customize the chosen character down to its appearance.

Killsquad introduces a live contract system which players can undertake in real time with other hunters. These contracts allow other players in the Killsquad community to drop in and ride shotgun, enjoying the same experience and grabbing a share of the mission’s rewards. The contract system presents a myriad of challenges and deadly adversaries from automated defence systems to meteor showers and boss characters. The hunt is not without its dangers as players navigate the exotic, richly detailed environments of each planet in search of their quarry. 

Killsquad will be continually updated with much more content planned for the game later this year including additional heroes and mission types. Novarama will also confirm more details on console versions for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Novarama Reveals Killsquad Roadmap Ahead of its Early Access Release Next Week

Today Novarama published the official development roadmap for the co-op action RPG Killsquad, coming to Steam Early Access on July 16th. The roadmap outlines new features and content to be added to the game in the next six months.

July 16th will mark the start of Season 1, fittingly called REVELATION.  The focus of Season 1 will be on shedding more light on the whole Killsquad universe through four major content updates. This season will last until 2020 and will encompass new game areas, factions, enemies, a brand new hero, loads of contracts and many more content additions that will shape Killsquad into a truly rich action RPG leading up to its full release on PC and consoles in 2020.

For more details, read Novarama’s roadmap blog post.

Novarama Releases Killsquad Universe Video!

Killsquad Early Access price announced

Today indie developer Novarama published a new developer commentary video presenting the pulp sci-fi Killsquad universe. The video delves deeper into the lore of Killsquad and goes into more detail about the three worlds that will be available on Steam Early Access on July 16th. Novarama also revealed that Killsquad will be priced at $19.99 / €19.99 / 16.99£. 

Wasteland 7A, Kemmekh and the Palace of Pain are the three planets featured in the Killsquad Early Access build. Each planet has its own unique landscapes, enemies and, in turn, risks. From dangerous turrets and mines on the Palace of Pain to fatal meteor storms on Kemmekh, each world is out to get you. The hostile surroundings become even more dangerous as vicious enemies like Helldörren and Gorus roam around for prey. Players take on contracts and traverse these perilous grounds searching for resources in order to get their hands on bounties offered by powerful organizations fighting for the control of the universe.

Killsquad Universe video