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Space Legend

battle for eternity

Become a space legend

The galaxy is waiting for you. Come find glory, or destruction:

  • Build fleets
  • Battle other players
  • Trade cargo
  • Transport passengers
  • Research new technologies
  • Hire heroes

A Galaxy for you to discover…

Start from your home planet. Explore a rich, persistent universe:

  • Six ship classes, more than forty unique designs
  • Dozens of upgrades per ship
  • Over 200 planets: marketplaces, hero lairs, ship dealers.
  • A dynamic universe that evolves with the community

An epic battle experience

Welcome to the best space combat experience on mobile and tablet:

  • Battle enemy fleets, loot their cargo
  • Each ship has unique battle behaviours for you to master
  • Decide every tactic, or enjoy the cinematic auto mode
  • Unleash powerful battle cards
  • Create and share videos of your best battles

Advanced trading capabilities

The galaxy is full of business opportunities. Become the next space tycoon:

  • Buy cheap, sell for a profit
  • Transport passengers across the galaxy
  • Defend your ships from pirate fleets
  • Become a galaxy tycoon

A social experience

Space is where true friendship is forged, and enemies are destroyed:

  • Full PvP battle
  • Destroy your friends’ fleet, loot their cargo
  • Weekly and global rankings and prizes
  • Chat with your friends on the planets
  • Build alliances, wage war




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