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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most frequent questions. If you don’t find the answer here, contact us using the link at the bottom. We’re here to help!


How do I buy ships?

New ships can be bought at the planet’s shipyards. Not all planets have a shipyard, although most of them do. Look for this icon on the planet description sheet.


Where do I find a specific ship?

Each planet offers a different ship selection. Bigger planets, such as cities and sector capitals, offer a bigger selection, so you can start there. Also, each brand operates dealers across the galaxy so, if you know the brand, look for the dealer and you’ll find it.


What are ship brands?

In the Space Legend universe there are many ship builders, each one with a specialization. Do you want to buy cheap, large cargo freighters? Then Atlas is what you need. Are you looking for fast, aggressive attack ships? Hyper is the name of the game for you. Explore the universe and discover all the ship builders.


What are the different ship stats, and what do they mean?

Each ship has five primary stats, that establish its behaviour:

Damage, which determines how deadly is the ship in battle.

Shields, which determines how strong are the ship defenses.

Speed, which determines how quickly does it travel across the galaxy.

Range, which determines how far away can it go without landing.

Cargo, which determines how much cargo or passengers can it carry.

Of course cheaper ships have lower stats than expensive ones. Additionally, these stats can be improved by upgrading the ship, or hiring heroes.


What types of ships are there?

Space Legend offers five basic ship types:

Cargo ships, designed to transport goods and make money via trading.

Passenger ships, designed to transport people across the galaxy for a fee.

Exploration ships, designed to expand the range of your fleet, and unleash secret tactics in battle.

Light combat ships, fast but fragile vessels for raiding small enemy fleets.

Medium combat ships, with a larger range, more firepower, but still fragile.

Heavy combat ships, the core of a professional fleet, war machines that are decisive in battle.


How do I upgrade a ship?

Each ship comes with its own upgrade plan, that you can access with this icon from the ship view in the hangar. Upgrading a ship will make it stronger, faster, more deadly.

Each upgrade needs a specific combination of resources which you need to find in the galaxy’s many marketplaces.


How do I repair ships?

A ship is damaged in battle. As soon as you land, the whole fleet will automatically begin repairing. You can see how long it will take for damage to be fixed on this icon.

Fleets can also be repaired mid-flight, in case you want to do many battles in a row.


How do I use AUTO and MANUAL battle modes?

There’s two ways you can enjoy a battle in Space Legend. If you want full tactical control, assigning commands to each ship group, using battle cards and selecting targets, you want to play in Manual mode.

If you want to sit back and relax, watching your fleet crush the enemy in a cinematic experience, Auto mode is for you.

Remember you can record the battle and share it with your friends in both modes.


How do I record share videos of my best battles?

Battles are always recorded by default, just tap accept on the permission dialog at the battle start. In the results screen, tap share if you want to keep the video of the last battle, and save it to your device for easy and convenient sharing.


What types of planets are there?

The Galaxy is a varied place, full of unique planets with cool stories to discover. You will find many ecosystems, from lush jungles to deep oceans, sprawling metropolis, tourism hotspots, shipyards and hero lairs. Just remember: each planet has a purpose, try to discover it.


How do I research battle cards?

Battle cards are an essential tool to win space combats. To research a new battle card, access the battle card tech tree from the Galaxy screen, tapping this icon. Remember: battle cards are unlocked sequentially, so if you don’t find one you wish to research, it’s because you need to research others first.

Researching battle cards is a once-only process: once you have researched it, that technology is available for all your fleets.


How do I buy battle cards?

Each fleet can manufacture battle cards when landed. To manufacture new battle cards, from the hangar view tap this icon. Remember: the manufactured battle cards can only belong to those types you have researched in the first place.


How do I upgrade battle cards?

Owning more than one battle card of the same type allows you do upgrade them. To upgrade a battle card, watch for the number of cards needed and, when the icon is highlighted, tap upgrade.

An upgraded battle card will have bigger benefits: more damage, last longer, more area, etc.


How do I hire a hero?

A hero is a captain for your fleet. He will increase specific stats of the full fleet, so he’s a really useful addition. Heroes are found on planets. Look for this icon on the planet description.

Different heroes are found on different planets, and you can own several of them at the same time so you can switch hero depending on your needs.

Finally, some planets offer a broader hero selection than others. Generally speaking, look for cities, and delegations of Ace’s, the biggest hero agency in the galaxy.


How do I upgrade a hero?

Upgrading a hero increases the hero stats. To upgrade, try to find more than one copy of the game hero. You can then merge them, and level them up!


How can I view my ships in Augmented Reality?

From the ship view, tap this icon to view your ship in Augmented Reality. Make sure you print an AR card such as this, and look at it.


How do I buy cargo?

Most planets have a marketplace where you can find goods to trade. In the planet description, look for this icon. Once you are landed on the planet, tap this icon from the hangar to enter the marketplace.


How do I sell cargo?

Any marketplace will buy your cargo, but you need to choose wisely. Look at the price difference to decide if you will make money, or if you would rather take your cargo somewhere else.


How can I make a lot of money with cargo?

To maximize profits, follow these easy rules:

Use the hint arrows to buy cargo when it is cheap. Prices fluctuate all the time, so try to learn when is it a good idea to buy.

Try to bring the cargo as far as possible from its original market. Bringing distant goods to a corner of the galaxy is the best way to get rich quickly.


How do I transport passengers?

Most planets have a travel agency where passengers go to look for transport. In the planet description, look for this icon. Once you are landed on the planet, tap this icon from the hangar to enter the travel agency.


How can I make a lot of money with passengers?

To maximize profits with passengers, follow these easy rules:

Use the stars to detect best priced passengers. Passengers travelling to tourism hubs will pay better than passengers going to regular destinations.

Try to take as many passengers as far as possible. Long travels pay better than short rides!


Where are the rankings?

There are two types of rankings on Space Legend: global and local.

The global ranking lists all players across the galaxy according to their performance. To view it, go to the Galaxy screen and tap this icon. Tap “find me” to see where you are.

The local rankings are rank the best players in each system, and they are reset every Sunday at 00:00:00 GMT. Becoming one of the best players in a system will give you access to weekly prizes. To see the local rankings, access the system view and tap the rankings icon.


How do I battle against other human players?

All systems in Space Legend are full of human players for you to battle. The only way you will battle a non-human is if that system is empty, in which case you can battle against Space Pirates, AI controlled enemies.


Piracy and looting

Attacking enemy fleets allows you to enter the wonderful world of piracy. Look for fleets with cargo or passenger vessels, and aim for those in battle. Destroying cargo and passenger ships will allow you to steal goods and passengers, which will give you extra credits in battle. And there’s no better way to kick start the day than to take that precious cargo away from your arch-rivals!


Is there a game wiki?

Not currently, but we’d love that!


I have another question, or a customer service request

No problem, we are here to help! Please click here and send us an email!

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