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What if we told you we are all surrounded by invisible creatures made from a type of light our eyes just can’t see?

What if we told you we can use game consoles, mobile devices and tablets to tap into this invisible dimension and see these creatures, the Invizimals?

What if we told you we are the Invizimal Hunters, an Alliance built to research, capture and train these amazing creatures?

Welcome to the incredible world of Invizimals, a world of fantasy and discovery for kids 6 to 90.



Our history

The year is 2007. After intense technological and storytelling R&D, Novarama creates the Invizimals brand, partnering with Sony Computer Entertainment. It was the first successful Augmented Reality video game in the world.

The premise is simple, yet absorbing: our world is full of invisible creatures we need to track, hunt and collect.

The game was received with unanimous acclaim: two Best of E3 awards, second best selling PSP game of 2009, and spawned a saga that now covers games, toys, TV, and more.

Sequel after sequel, product after product, Novarama has evolved from being a classic games studio to a franchise management company, overseeing and producing all things Invizimals.

Our brand

Invizimals is a transmedia brand: a rich, universe designed to cover many product categories. So far, it consists of:

  • Six video games on PSP, PSVITA, PS3
  • Apps on IOS and Android
  • Sticker collections and trading cards, in partnership with Panini
  • Toys, in partnership with IMC Toys
  • An official, computer-generated TV show, in partnership with BRB
  • Books, in partnership with Penguin/Random House
  • And school gear. And bicycles. And pajamas. And new exciting things we can’t yet reveal

Our values

When we create Invizimals products, we strive for:

  • Quality entertainment, with long lasting value.
  • Sense of discovery and adventure
  • Love of nature and the natural world
  • Believability and consistency
  • A world approach: gender neutral, race neutral.

For more info

Read all about Invizimals on the official Invizimals web site

For all queries, please contact us.


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Novarama has developed a game called Invizimals that makes it appear as if the world is populated by invisible creatures that can interact with one another.