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Innovation for the masses

Novarama was founded in 2003 with a simple idea in mind: to create innovative games with mass-market appeal.

Many studios focus on commercial success. Others put innovation at the forefront, advancing the art of making games. We try to bridge that gap, to create the kind of innovation millions of people enjoy playing. To keep our games fresh, and successful.

For the last eight years Novarama has worked exclusively for Sony Computer Entertainment, publishing titles on PSP, PSVITA and PS3. We introduced Augmented Reality to the masses, and our Invizimals saga has generated six titles, sold 2.5 million units, and spawned a franchise ranging from TV Shows to bicycles, from toys to video games.

Today, we are one of the most respected independent studios in South Europe. From our offices in sunny Barcelona, Spain, we strive to build the future of gaming. A future full of new games you’ve never dreamed of. But we have.

Our culture
  • We believe in personal involvement: we work together, succeed together, create together.

  • We believe in powerful brands that gamers feel attached to.

  • We believe in innovation, in breaking new grounds, in redefining what gaming should be.

  • We believe in work/life balance: we don’t crunch, overtime, or interfere with employee’s personal space.

Our history

Novarama was founded in July 2003 by Dani Sanchez-Crespo, Alberto Díaz, Juan Luis Abadía, Marc de Miquel and Rubén López. The founders came from different paths of life, from dot coms to music production, from R&D to graphic design. The company got financial backing from the Regional Government of Catalunya. Our first offices was an unused classroom at Universitat Pompeu Fabra.

Novarama began working on PC titles, releasing Fallen Lords: Condemnation in 2005 all over Europe. We then moved on to Wild Summer, a PC/Xbox360 adventure title, which was cancelled and never saw the light of day.

Decided to enter the console space, Novarama worked for Nintendo on Music Monstars, a music title for kids released all over Europe and the Americas. We got to work with labels like EMI and Universal, licensing tracks from Queen to Britney Spears, from Calvin Harris to Depeche Mode.

But it was with the next project, Invizimals, that Novarama fulfilled its vision of innovation and market appeal: the title spawned the Augmented Reality phenomenon, ignited interest in the Sony Playstation Portable, and has gone on to become an extremely popular saga, especially in South Europe. Invizimals was the second best selling PSP title in Europe in 2010 and 2011. Invizimals: Shadow Zone spent 7 months in the number one chart position. Invizimals: The Alliance has been number one selling game on PSVITA in Spain, Italy, Portugal and France.


Invizimals has received over ten international awards, sold more than 2.5M units, and spawned more than 30 lines of products. The brand is extremely popular among young kids, both through our games, or via Apps, trading cards, collectible toys, board games, etc. Invizimals even has a TV show broadcast in eight countries, executively produced by Novarama. And we have received well over three hundred Invizimals painted by our fans.

With its Augmented Reality expertise and ability to innovate, Novarama was once again chosen by Sony to deliver Reality Fighters, a quirky twist on the classic fighting game formula. Reality Fighters was a PSVITA launch title in Europe, and the first Novarama game ever to be released in Japan.

That is the story so far. We have made some great games. We have had a lot of fun. We have appeared everywhere, from The Financial Times to E3, from Tokyo Game Show to kids’ Christmas wish lists.

And Novarama’s saga continues to evolve. Our vision, to create the best innovative entertainment for the masses, remains unchanged. We don’t know what the future will bring, but rest assured: whatever may come, we will make it fun.


  • Invizimals. Special achievement for innovation Best of E3 2009, winner
  • Invizimals. Special Achievement for Technological Excellence Best of E3 2009, winner
  • Invizimals. Game of the Show Best of E3 2009, runner-up, lost to LittleBigPlanet
  • Invizimals. Premi Ciutat de Barcelona 2009 Technological Innovation
  • Invizimals. Best Overall Game Gamelab Spanish National Video Game Awards 2010, winner
  • Invizimals. Best Technology Gamelab Spanish National Video Game Awards 2010, winner
  • Invizimals: Shadow Zone. Best Handheld Game Gamelab Spanish National Video Game Awards 2011, winner

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I am very excited about what Novarama have planned and look forward to being able to share it with everybody.